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Member Type Documentation

enum QEvent::Type

This enum type defines the valid event types in Qt. The event types and the specialized classes for each type are as follows:

QEvent::None0Not an event.
QEvent::AccessibilityDescription130Used to query accessibility description texts (QAccessibleEvent).
QEvent::AccessibilityHelp119Used to query accessibility help texts (QAccessibleEvent).
QEvent::AccessibilityPrepare86Accessibility information is requested.
QEvent::ActionAdded114A new action has been added (QActionEvent).
QEvent::ActionChanged113An action has been changed (QActionEvent).
QEvent::ActionRemoved115An action has been removed (QActionEvent).
QEvent::ActivationChange99A widget's top-level window activation state has changed.
QEvent::ApplicationActivated121The application has been made available to the user.
QEvent::ApplicationDeactivated122The application has been suspended, and is unavailable to the user.
QEvent::ApplicationFontChange36The default application font has changed.
QEvent::ApplicationLayoutDirectionChange37The default application layout direction has changed.
QEvent::ApplicationPaletteChange38The default application palette has changed.
QEvent::ApplicationWindowIconChange35The application's icon has changed.
QEvent::ChildAdded68An object gets a child (QChildEvent).
QEvent::ChildPolished69A widget child gets polished (QChildEvent).
QEvent::ChildRemoved71An object loses a child (QChildEvent).
QEvent::Clipboard40The clipboard contents have changed (QClipboardEvent).
QEvent::Close19Widget was closed (QCloseEvent).
QEvent::ContextMenu82Context popup menu (QContextMenuEvent).
QEvent::DeferredDelete52The object will be deleted after it has cleaned up.
QEvent::DragEnter60The cursor enters a widget during a drag and drop operation (QDragEnterEvent).
QEvent::DragLeave62The cursor leaves a widget during a drag and drop operation (QDragLeaveEvent).
QEvent::DragMove61A drag and drop operation is in progress (QDragMoveEvent).
QEvent::Drop63A drag and drop operation is completed (QDropEvent).
QEvent::EnabledChange98Widget's enabled state has changed.
QEvent::Enter10Mouse enters widget's boundaries.
QEvent::EnterEditFocus150An editor widget gains focus for editing.
QEvent::EnterWhatsThisMode124Send to toplevel widgets when the application enters "What's This?" mode.
QEvent::FileOpen116File open request (QFileOpenEvent).
QEvent::FocusIn8Widget gains keyboard focus (QFocusEvent).
QEvent::FocusOut9Widget loses keyboard focus (QFocusEvent).
QEvent::FontChange97Widget's font has changed.
QEvent::GraphicsSceneContextMenu159Context popup menu over a graphics scene (QGraphicsSceneContextMenuEvent).
QEvent::GraphicsSceneDragEnter164The cursor enters a graphics scene during a drag and drop operation.
QEvent::GraphicsSceneDragLeave166The cursor leaves a graphics scene during a drag and drop operation.
QEvent::GraphicsSceneDragMove165A drag and drop operation is in progress over a scene.
QEvent::GraphicsSceneDrop167A drag and drop operation is completed over a scene.
QEvent::GraphicsSceneHelp163The user requests help for a graphics scene (QHelpEvent).
QEvent::GraphicsSceneHoverEnter160The mouse cursor enters a hover item in a graphics scene (QGraphicsSceneHoverEvent).
QEvent::GraphicsSceneHoverLeave162The mouse cursor leaves a hover item in a graphics scene (QGraphicsSceneHoverEvent).
QEvent::GraphicsSceneHoverMove161The mouse cursor moves inside a hover item in a graphics scene (QGraphicsSceneHoverEvent).
QEvent::GraphicsSceneMouseDoubleClick158Mouse press again (double click) in a graphics scene (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent).
QEvent::GraphicsSceneMouseMove155Move mouse in a graphics scene (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent).
QEvent::GraphicsSceneMousePress156Mouse press in a graphics scene (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent).
QEvent::GraphicsSceneMouseRelease157Mouse release in a graphics scene (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent).
QEvent::GraphicsSceneWheel168Mouse wheel rolled in a graphics scene (QGraphicsSceneWheelEvent).
QEvent::Hide18Widget was hidden (QHideEvent).
QEvent::HideToParent27A child widget has been hidden.
QEvent::HoverEnter127The mouse cursor enters a hover widget (QHoverEvent).
QEvent::HoverLeave128The mouse cursor leaves a hover widget (QHoverEvent).
QEvent::HoverMove129The mouse cursor moves inside a hover widget (QHoverEvent).
QEvent::IconDrag96The main icon of a window has been dragged away (QIconDragEvent).
QEvent::IconTextChange101Widget's icon text has been changed.
QEvent::InputMethod83An input method is being used (QInputMethodEvent).
QEvent::KeyPress6Key press (QKeyEvent).
QEvent::KeyRelease7Key release (QKeyEvent).
QEvent::LanguageChange89The application translation changed.
QEvent::LayoutDirectionChange90The direction of layouts changed.
QEvent::LayoutRequest76Widget layout needs to be redone.
QEvent::Leave11Mouse leaves widget's boundaries.
QEvent::LeaveEditFocus151An editor widget loses focus for editing.
QEvent::LeaveWhatsThisMode125Send to toplevel widgets when the application leaves "What's This?" mode.
QEvent::LocaleChange88The system locale has changed.
QEvent::MenubarUpdated153The window's menu bar has been updated.
QEvent::MetaCall43An asynchronous method invocation via QMetaObject::invokeMethod().
QEvent::ModifiedChange102Widgets modification state has been changed.
QEvent::MouseButtonDblClick4Mouse press again (QMouseEvent).
QEvent::MouseButtonPress2Mouse press (QMouseEvent).
QEvent::MouseButtonRelease3Mouse release (QMouseEvent).
QEvent::MouseMove5Mouse move (QMouseEvent).
QEvent::MouseTrackingChange109The mouse tracking state has changed.
QEvent::Move13Widget's position changed (QMoveEvent).
QEvent::Paint12Screen update necessary (QPaintEvent).
QEvent::PaletteChange39Palette of the widget changed.
QEvent::ParentAboutToChange131The widget parent is about to change.
QEvent::ParentChange21The widget parent has changed.
QEvent::Polish75The widget is polished.
QEvent::PolishRequest74The widget should be polished.
QEvent::QueryWhatsThis123The widget should accept the event if it has "What's This?" help.
QEvent::Resize14Widget's size changed (QResizeEvent).
QEvent::Shortcut117Key press in child for shortcut key handling (QShortcutEvent).
QEvent::ShortcutOverride51Key press in child, for overriding shortcut key handling (QKeyEvent).
QEvent::Show17Widget was shown on screen (QShowEvent).
QEvent::ShowToParent26A child widget has been shown.
QEvent::SockAct50Socket activated, used to implement QSocketNotifier.
QEvent::StatusTip112A status tip is requested (QStatusTipEvent).
QEvent::StyleChange100Widget's style has been changed.
QEvent::TabletMove87Wacom tablet move (QTabletEvent).
QEvent::TabletPress92Wacom tablet press (QTabletEvent).
QEvent::TabletRelease93Wacom tablet release (QTabletEvent).
QEvent::TabletEnterProximity171Wacom tablet enter proximity event (QTabletEvent), sent to QApplication.
QEvent::TabletLeaveProximity172Wacom tablet leave proximity event (QTabletEvent), sent to QApplication.
QEvent::Timer1Regular timer events (QTimerEvent).
QEvent::ToolBarChange120The toolbar button is toggled on Mac OS X.
QEvent::ToolTip110A tooltip was requested (QHelpEvent).
QEvent::UpdateLater78The widget should be queued to be repainted at a later time.
QEvent::UpdateRequest77The widget should be repainted.
QEvent::WhatsThis111The widget should reveal "What's This?" help (QHelpEvent).
QEvent::WhatsThisClicked118A link in a widget's "What's This?" help was clicked.
QEvent::Wheel31Mouse wheel rolled (QWheelEvent).
QEvent::WinEventAct132A Windows-specific activation event has occurred.
QEvent::WindowActivate24Window was activated.
QEvent::WindowBlocked103The window is blocked by a modal dialog.
QEvent::WindowDeactivate25Window was deactivated.
QEvent::WindowIconChange34The window's icon has changed.
QEvent::WindowStateChange105The window's state (minimized, maximized or full-screen) has changed (QWindowStateChangeEvent).
QEvent::WindowTitleChange33The window title has changed.
QEvent::WindowUnblocked104The window is unblocked after a modal dialog exited.
QEvent::ZOrderChange126The widget's z-order has changed. This event is never sent to top level windows.
QEvent::KeyboardLayoutChange169The keyboard layout has changed.
QEvent::DynamicPropertyChange170A dynamic property was added, changed or removed from the object.

User events should have values between User and MaxUser:

QEvent::User1000User-defined event.
QEvent::MaxUser65535Last user event ID.

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